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Hello and thank you for stopping by at our little Candi Store.

Everyone is doing tons of photos with smart phones these days and sure we as well. We are editing all our photos that make it to the public and most of the time, we use this app called AFTERLIGHT.

It’s easy to use, nicely designed and the outcome is great. Recently the people of Afterlight released a feature we have been waiting for a very long time now. You know that we love all kinds of Presets (here is our Lightroom set) and it has been missing in this app ever since.

But now it is possible to save all your settings and even share it with you friends. So here we are, sharing our 8 MOST USED Afterlight Presets with all of you.

We know the follwoing is working with iOS and the latest version of Afterlight. Since this is a free thingy, we kindly ask for your understanding that we cannot provide any support what so ever.

Here is a little video in German Language, English HOW TO is below:


You need to do the following:

1) Download our Candi Afterlight Presets right HERE to your PC or MAC (NOT your SMARTPHONE!)

2) Unzip the Zipfile on your hard drive on your MAC or PC

3) Take those 8 files and email them to you personally

4) Open this Email on your Smartphone e.g.  iPhone

IMPORTANT: From NOW on you have to have the Afterlight App installed on your phone and if you want to use all 8 filters, you will need also the in App pruchase „Wander“ Filter. GET IT HERE

5) Click in you Mail client on the first file and open it with Afterlight (see Screenshots)

6) Afterlight opens and (if you have the „Wander“ filter as well) the Preset is installed.

7) REPEAT 5) for all files

8) Go to the Presets and further to „Fusion“

9) You will find the Candi Presets installed in your App.



All the best and enjoy editing your photos

Carmen and Ingo